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Is Your Home Leak Free? Protect Your Home with Advanced Leak Detection in Eastlake

Leaks can be destructive  to your home and cause major health problems with the onset of mold growth. Preventing water damage is all about vigilance, but what if you are not home, or it is a slow leak behind walls or under slab foundations?

Eastlake Water Leak has the answer. We provide expert water leak detection in Chula Vista and Eastlake, but also help to monitor water usage with an all-in-one security system for your home’s water supply system.

Flo by Moen – The Innovative Water Monitoring and Shut-off Device

With professional installation of the Flo by Moen device, we can proactively monitor your home’s water usage and identify potential leaks. It can also pinpoint active leaks, send notifications, and even shut off your water from anywhere with a wifi connection.

Install Your Water Monitoring Device and be Protected Against Water Damage.

The advanced water leak detection monitoring system must be installed on the home’s main water supply line. It should be professionally installed to ensure it is properly functioning.

Because it is installed in your water line, it can determine what is happening with all of your home’s water and assess any possible vulnerabilities in your home. It has sensors to monitor water pressure, temperature and water flow. Excessive water pressure is one of the causes of leaking fixtures.

By actively monitoring in real time, the advanced system can protect against leaks and burst pipes.

Water Leak Detection That Never Sleeps

Not only does this advanced water leak warning device monitor activity and potential problems, it runs daily tests for the health of your system. It can detect even the smallest drips preventing mold behind walls, rising water bills, and preventing damage.

Monitor Your Home From Anywhere with WiFi

You are in full control of your home water monitoring system. Program your smart phone app to send push notifications and alerts to always keep you informed of what is happening with water usage, leaks, and pressure fluctuations.

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If a leak occurs, you can even connect to Eastlake Water Leak to come to the rescue. If you are not connected to wifi, or don’t have your phone with you, it’s okay — Flo is smart enough to automatically shut off the water to your home in the event of an emergency.

Smart Water Monitor and Advanced Water Leak Detection – Eastlake

Your Plumbing may be visibly inaccessible, but leaks no longer are with our professional water monitoring system. It has many benefits and functions, and can even help you to conserve water usage. Once installed, your home is fully protected.

  • Monitors your home’s water pressure, temperature and flow
  • Learns your unique water usage patterns to help detect leaks and can help you to save water
  • Sends alerts via text messages and push notifications for leaks, rising water pressure, and fluctuations in usage
  • Can shut off the water to your home in the event of an emergency, either by your smartphone or automatically in extreme cases
  • Runs daily tests so you are protected 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Once installed, connect to Eastlake Water Leak for professional troubleshooting, advice, and leak prevention tips

With professional installation with Eastlake Water Leak, you have an automated leak detection system that connects directly to our master plumbers in the event of emergencies.

To learn more about how we can help protect your home from water damage and install the best smart water monitoring system on the market, contact our team. We are committed to helping you protect your most valuable asset — your home. Call Eastlake Water Leak today 619-749-5444.



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