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Sewer Camera Inspection

For more than 20 years, our team has been performing expert sewer camera inspections in Eastlake. We are committed to diagnosis and permanent repair solutions.

Sewer camera inspections can help home and business owners save time and money by addressing damaged sewer lines before backups occur.

What is a Sewer Camera Inspection?

Sewer camera inspections provide the best and most in-depth view of homes and businesses main sewer line. In order to determine if repair is needed, our experts will access the main line through a ground level cleanout, roof vent (in most cases), or pull the toilet if no access is available.  Inspections can show the condition of the line and causes of frequent backups such as deterioration, breaks, cracks, roots, and hard scale buildup.

Sewer Camera Inspection – Eastlake

While most sewer camera inspections are recommended due to problems in the line, an inspection can help in many situations.  

  • Aging Homes – Older homes in San Diego typically have cast iron and clay sewer lines. Although they are ideal and durable, over time they do break down and allow root intrusion causing major damage.  Clay lines are even more at risk of roots in aging homes as they were installed in sections connected with seals. Seals wear over time allowing easy access to damaging roots.  


  • Frequent Sewer Backups – Recurring toilet clogs and sewer line overflows can happen due to normal use, but generally indicate more severe drain issues. If you are experiencing regular backups, it is time to have a sewer camera inspection. Common problems in many sewer lines are root intrusion that creates breaks in the line, heavy scale buildup on poorly maintained pipes, and deterioration of the line from age.
  • Heavily Landscaped Yards – Large trees are beautiful and create shade and elegant looking yards, but they can also be damaging to sewer lines. Tree roots are naturally attracted to sewer lines. They grow towards moisture and the nutrients found inside the pipe. Roots can grow long and far, so even trees in neighboring properties can cause you damage. They can find their way in through even the smallest cracks or seams, and once inside wreak havoc on the line. Root intrusion can grow inside of the pipe eventually causing damage, overflows, and can even grow up through the toilet.


  • New Home Purchase – Performing a sewer camera inspection before buying a new home is crucial to making an informed decision. Most new home inspections only assess visible plumbing systems. Sewer line problems can cost new homeowners money in repairs and frustration in drain problems. Before you sign on for a new mortgage, call our expert sewer camera inspection team in Eastlake. We can provide a detailed account of the line and help to forecast future repair costs.


  • Before Heavy Rains – Sewer camera inspections can also help before rainy season in Southern California. Area or landscaping drains do not get much use and can clog with dirt, debris, and rocks. As a preventative maintenance, schedule an annual camera inspection to view the condition of landscaping drains to determine if they are at risk of flooding when it rains.

We are committed to solving common sewer line problems for home and business owners. If a routine snaking does not clear a line, we discover roots, or you experience frequent backups — it is time for a sewer camera inspection.

Camera inspections will also allow us to view the type of pipe materials, the location in the line of damage, and in some cases it will even show a minor issue easily solved by our hydro jetting services.

With over two decades of experience, we are able to accurately troubleshoot all drain issues and provide the best solution for residential and commercial customers.

For an expert sewer camera inspection in Eastlake, count on the professional team at Eastlake Water Leak. Call 619-749-5444 to schedule an appointment today.


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